Canapés Rock My World

Hi, I’m Matt Brint and I have a confession to make. I’m obsessed by canapés.  I live for canapés – producing creative, delectable tasting, stylish looking & exquisite canapés. It’s my world. It’s why I get up in the morning – well, that and because the alarm clock keeps on ringing, disrupting me from my canapé dreams!

A bit about me – I’ve been a chef for over 25 Crazy years!! Need I say more.

Putting that experience aside, I am still learning about food and constantly experimenting. That is the most exciting thing about food!! Creating new recipes and letting them evolve into something fantastic! And with canapés, you have the perfect platform to surprise, enlighten and impress in both style and taste.

Being based in London, one of the multicultural capitals of the world, we are so lucky in this day and age to have access to all interesting cultures and exciting ingredients from around the world that years ago were not seen and unheard of. This makes the challenge of creating delectable, beautiful tasting and aesthetically stunning canapés even more fun.

With this canapé Blog website, I hope to enlighten you with some of the amazing canapé tips that I have learned, share some great ideas and recipes for canapés and build a community of canapé lovers who can help each other by sharing information, ingredient ideas and tips to make the world of canapés a better place!

We will also look at some of the major London events and parties to see what canapés are being passed around on the silver trays. I will reveal some of my experiences from working around the world and discuss different ideas and cooking styles. I will offer my guide to the art of creating the perfect canapé, from the initial idea to the finished product. We will look for answers to what gives a canapé the wow factor? Discuss how to marry flavours together with each individual ingredient complimenting the other. And look at canapé presentation. The presentation is as important as the taste and we will look at creating something that’s not only a taste sensation but also a visual delight!! Get ready to impress!!

The most important thing about this website will be your input – this is where the real joy will come from. Sharing ideas (and ingredients!) from different styles and cultures from around the world, creating a fusion of tastes and a beautiful world of canapés. So please, feel free to add your input and share your top tips. I hope this will inspire you to get into the kitchen and begin your journey into the world of creating canapés.

Happy reading!!

Matt Brint

Matt Brint runs Canapés London, one of the leading specialist canapé companies within the UK. Creating exquisite canapés for all occasions – weddings, parties and all kinds of events. Matt decided to start this blog website to share his passion and love for creating handcrafted canapés with like minded people and to develop a community where interesting canapé ideas can be shared.